Whiskey and poetry

A love letter to me

This letter is truly and doubtlessly a letter to the only person who will be left when everyone else is gone. To the woman of my life. To my love, my life, my everything. To me.

Dear me,

What happened to you?

who taught you to unlove yourself?

So sweetly that you thought it tasted good?

Who said you must be perfect and yet make excuses for everybody else’s imperfections?

When did you become so unforgiving of yourself to have a penchant for self-judgement?

When did your tears become the only way for you to sleep?

When did that veil you have on become your everyday attire?

You, the way you are, are perfect.

You, with the little silent struggles you bear, with all the strength you carry so desperately around, finding a reason to face a new day.

You, with all your words stuck in your throat that you are so scared to even utter so you write them down.

You, with all your worries about others. Realise that you must better yourself first to better others.

We all perfect in our ways.

Yes, times can be tough, but you are tougher. You mastered to overcome your biggest fear

The fear to stand for what you want and to love yourself entirely.

My wonderful, beautiful love,
You don’t have to carry mountains on your back and universes in your mind to be humane.
Every single day you wake up, you are a better version of yourself.
Whatever you wish to do do so!

This is your life, and you must hold the upper hand in it.

Yes, let life be taught by others. Watch them live, but never become someone else while observing.


You are great, and you could not have done any better than you DID.

I am proud of you.
And I love you.

To the dearest, the most beautiful person on this planet, me.

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