Unpacking Fridays

Unpacking Resolutions clichés

Happy new year Thoughts book!!!! I hope 2021 brings growth, peace and happiness in your life.

I know by now some of you are wondering why I am wishing you a happy new year on February 5th. You might think it is a bit too late, most of you already moved on with your year, might even already be tired of it. Yes, meet me, a subscriber to keeping the Christmas tree up throughout January.

This year began differently for me, with curfews, lockdowns, the second wave of Covid-19, rampant death and fear all around; traditions had to be postponed, readjusted or even changed.

New years inspire and carry new Hopes for most people so as we all were saying good riddance to 2020, this year did not inspire much to most. Things seemed to not be getting any better if not worse even with the introduction of the vaccine. Now more than ever, tomorrow is not promised so we are grateful for today.

Living through 2020 taught us all a lot about what and who really matters to us. Some of us had never lived a slow-paced life and now we learnt that it is OK to sit and stay still in our homes(the lucky ones to have a roof over their heads) for days, weeks, months… We learnt that basic things are not as basic as we had grown to believe and above all, we learnt to appreciate each other’s presence and company. As for my personal self, I learnt something about waiting for ” a special occasion”.

Considering the traumatic event that was 2020, even the most enthusiastic “new year, new me” advocate is probably tempted to skip the whole resolution thing this year (or forever). I must admit that I was never the type to have new year resolutions but will all lessons from 2020, I owed it to myself to at least have a thing or two down. In 2021, I am no longer waiting for “a special occasion”. Forgive the cliché, but being alive is a special occasion! We spend so much of our time waiting, waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right mood, waiting for the right weather. I’m here to say the right ‘whatever’ is precisely when and where you want it to be. So in 2021, I’m no longer putting down that bottle of wine for later or saving that outfit for a special event(cliché again but my wardrobe thinks I died sometimes around February 2020).

In 2021, we are grabbing every opportunity, living every moment to the fullest, speaking our minds and expressing our emotions. Long gone are the days of waiting, forgive the cliché, but life is short!

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