Challenges and Competitions

An open letter to my crush

Dear John,

At this point, you already know who you are. I’m writing this letter because writing is the only way I know how to express myself. And for some reason, I feel less nervous in front of hundreds of people than I do one on one. Weird? Well by now we have established that to be who I am so it’s too late to start judging me.
I am not really a mushy, sappy, cutesy-cuddly type of girl. I’m the type of girl who wrestles, horse plays and calls you names as a sign of affection. So with that being stated, when it comes to talking about my feelings, is really not my area of expertise.
All I wanted to say today is; thank you.
Thank you for offering me a safe space where I can be me.
Thank you for reminding that we are human and no matter how bad things can get, we can find refuge.
Thank you of being my only cheerleader even I lost all faith in my own abilities.
Thank you for making me smile even when you really managed to push all my buttons.
Thank you for teaching me that vulnerability is not a weakness but an act of courage.
Thank you for taking care of me even when I let myself go.
Thank you for being my everyday crush.

With love,

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