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Tea and flowing rivers by Dr Getrude Gwenzi

What day is it? Friday!! I cannot express how much I have been looking forward to today. S yay! it is finally the weekend.

On today’s Unpacking Fridays story the Amazing Gertrude Gwenzi takes us on a trip to making crazy dreams come true. Enjoy the read and be daring today.

I am attracted to simple, but elegant things such as the thought of sipping tea in a dainty little cup at a hotel cafe situated right across from a flowing river. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got to experience this when I lived in Ireland for a brief period as an adult. I love how Ireland has so many rivers and it is not surprising to find flowing rivers right in the middle of the city. I lived in Cork City which is the second-largest city in Ireland. Cork City was built on the River Lee and as you walked through the city you would walk by the bridges and experience its flow. It was beautiful and simply the stuff of dreams. 

One day as I was exploring the city in the first week of my arrival, I walked by a hotel aptly named the River Lee Hotel that overlooked the river and I saw that they had a terrace with tables outside. My dream of having tea while looking at the view of a flowing river immediately came back to me.

Image from http://www.discoveringcork.ie/river-lee-hotel/#lightbox/2/

I passed the hotel almost every day for months and I would watch people sitting outside and they always seemed to be living their best lives. I always used to say to myself “I am going to have tea by the River Lee before I leave this place”. It is just something I had to do. It’s not fancy, but the idea held a strange appeal for me and I knew it would satisfy the hunger in me for the elegant, almost regal experiences in life. I am not even a tea person, but I just couldn’t help but picture myself drinking tea at this place.

I somehow never managed to go into the River Lee to have my tea until my very last month in the country, which was almost a year later. I would pass by every other day, but somehow, I never gathered the courage to go in alone to have my tea by the river experience.

It is amazing how we put off doing the things that make us feel alive. Is it fear? Is tomorrow promised that you keep putting it off? 

My day came when I least expected it to happen because I think I had even forgotten my promise to myself. God sent me an Irishman (yes, the type with the ginger hair and an unforgettable accent that you are picturing as you read this) and as we were taking a walk one evening we passed by the hotel. I jokingly spoke to him about the promise I had made to myself to have tea in the hotel before I leave the country (fate had another idea because when I left home that day I had no idea that this would happen). Imagine my surprise when he simply said, “let’s do it”! His spontaneity intrigued me, more so because it had taken me a year to do something I had been longing to do. Before I knew it, there I was sipping tea by the River Lee Hotel and it was the best tea I have ever had in my entire life.

Image from http://www.discoveringcork.ie/river-lee-hotel/#lightbox/2/

In conclusion, this is not just a story about rivers and tea. It is a story of living our dreams, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones. You never know how much joy will come from you trying that “crazy” idea out. Let us allow life to happen in real-time and not live in our heads too long. That thing you have been putting off, just do it. Tomorrow is not promised.

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