Whiskey and poetry


I have liked many

Dated a few

Been serious with two

I want one who has a clue

Who will love me a ton

Joe was first

Brandon was middle

Lincoln was the worst

And yeah! Chris was the fantasy

All of them helped me change

For good or bad

Some of them were wastage of emotion

But others were worth the attention

Joe was a cheater

Respected no one

He made me feel like a flea

So small and just an object

Jack always knew I would leave

But still, on him I overdosed

We didn’t need connection

All we both needed was some affection

“Honey, wanna fly away? Take a walk upon the steel rails

Wanna take a dive into Heaven or Hell?” Asked Lincoln

I decided it is better to lie than fake happiness

Oh, Landon!

Another lonely dark soul just like me

All that mattered was our entanglement

But all this was a huge mistake not meant to happen

Sacha my love

What I ever felt for you has to be suppressed

You will always be in my life

Just a forbidden fruit I won’t taste

You made happiness feel so simple

Your presence, your touch made me feel so much

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart

And for us to be together

“Wake up!” It was all a dream

Fast and furious, slow and sensuous

Nobody can emulate his touch

With a single thrust, my mouth is gaping muted. Can’t make a sound

I scream “Chris”

Every round I’m clay between his hands bent and twisted.

Smashed and tilted


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