Unpacking Fridays

Action and reaction

Storytelling is one of my biggest lacunae as a writer. In the spirit of filling in this gap, I am introducing “Unpacking Fridays”. This will be a series of childhood stories by me, my friends and other bloggers joining in. I hope to improve my storytelling skills but also provide you with stories that can be both informative and enjoyable to walk you into the weekend happy.

Today I will allow you to meet my 3-year-old self. According to my mom, I was one of those quiet yet always up to some mischief kids since I could crawl, which also she says was for a very short period of time. But what she calls mischiefs I call it curiosity, we all have our own definitions after all.

So this fateful Thursday morning was another day in my life. First school holidays which felt like they lasted forever. I swear at some point I started thinking that was it, I was done with school and it was time for me to choose a career.

I am a routine person and this has always been me, wake up(like 5 AM) until I was about 15 years I couldn’t sleep past 6 AM no matter the time I went to bed; use the bathroom, chill outside in the sun for about an hour (thank God for early Rwandan sunrises) and yes I have gecko tendencies, join the rest of the family(my parents and my three uncles) for breakfast, send them off as they leave for work, shower then playtime in my room.

That day playtime went wrong, I had just figured out how to lock and unlock doors and I found it entertaining. I decided to lock my room and remove the key. I went on with my regular day construction blocks games then came lunchtime. Anita our house girl then used to call me from the dining room and I would come running but that time I responded with “5 more minutes, please!”. Weird! I was the type to ignore people calling me and show up physically instead. I used to stutter with my speech so staying quiet felt safer. 15 minutes passed and my mom was already home so she decided to get me herself. Trying to open the door she found out it was locked. She called again asking if I was fine, for me to confess that I misplaced the key. She then walked outside and came to my window which was open and managed to get me out. I told her the story over lunch and normally I had mandatory naps until 4 pm, and today was not about to become an exception. She then asked Anita to return me to my room for my nap through the window.

Three days passed when everyone in the house ignored the fact that I went in and out of my room through the window which I needed help with because it was too high for me to reach from outside. That meant I had set times for bathroom use when people are still awake otherwise I had to calmly seat and try to remember where I put the key, I had to forego my bedtime stories with Anita since now no one else could come into the room and had to learn how to choose what to wear by myself according to the days, weather and occasions because again I was then the only one who had access to my wardrobe.

On the fourth day while playing outside like a miracle I remembered where the key was. I ran to Anita and begged her to put me back into the room for me to go get it, she did and I got the key and gave it to her scared and she went and opened the door for me.

Those three days taught me one of the greatest lessons about life. I understood the real impact of my actions and repercussions that came with them, it was one the greatest examples of Newton’s third law of motion, action and reaction are equal and opposite.

7 thoughts on “Action and reaction”

  1. It was a really fun read
    I giggled all the way, actually I could see your little self in and out the window 😂
    This is a beautiful memory to hold.

    Liked by 1 person

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