Challenges and Competitions

Day 22/22

It’s a wrap. Honestly, I am both proud of myself and sad that this is coming to an end.

This past month I grew so much as a blogger and writer in general. I had never written with this much dedication and consistency before. I also had never read as many blog posts as I did during the past month.

WinterABC was one of a kind experience, I got to learn from amazing bloggers and their constant support is what made me go passed day 2. I enjoyed reading everybody’s work, took notes from everyone but also made amazing friends and maybe if life allows future work partners.

I cried, laughed, learned, grew but on top of it all I got back my voice.

I had never been able to open up about some aspects of my life but WinterABC prompts helped me evacuate all these feelings and let my truth come out. The level of excitement I had going through every single prompt was unmatched when I did not even know what to write about sometimes. My personal pledge now is to hold onto this stamina and use it as a fuel to keep bettering myself.

Thank you Afrobloggers for creating a wonderful platform for people like me to learn and also feel supported. Thank you to my fellow bloggers for your amazing work, your support and advice. This was an amazing experience and I cannot wait for WinterABC 2021

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