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Five Songs and Why

I really do not like quiet environments but also guess what I dislike even more random city or office noises. I am one of those people you will always catch with their headphones on in public and you will know I am in a room if it is total quiet sometimes even without enough lighting (no wonder I am light sensitive) with some fade music in the background.

You might be wondering what am I always playing? Is it a constant playlist on repeat? What genre is it? Maybe the same artist or band over and over again? To answer to all these questions, well, I listen to pretty much everything and have a few constant songs that make from one old playlist to a new one.

  1. Easy by Igor Mabano: Let’s start with the hopeless romantic in me. This song’s story is about a bad boy confessing his feelings for a girl and expressing his worries about the girl’s family to accept him because of his history.
  2. Screwed by Janelle Monae featuring Zoe Kravitz: This song is filled with a lot of sexual metaphors but as the entire Dirty computer album, which is a genius piece of art. From my point of view this song express how everything we engage in always comes back to us, hence why we need to question everyone of our actions.
  3. My baby by Magnom featuring Joey B: Let us be honest who does not love this song? I cannot even explain why I like it because I just do.
  4. Ubumanzi by Cecil Kayirebwa: We all have a song we associate with our homes, this one is the one for me. Ubumanzi translates to bravery in English, the song is a poem praise to a child who was adorned with bravery and how they are grateful for him.
  5. Blessed by Sarah Teibo featuring Muyiwa Olanrewaju & Andrew Bello: I am one of those people prefer thanksgiving songs when it comes to prayer. They help me reflect on all I thought I would not come out of victorious but still did. During times of pain or praise there always is something to be grateful for.

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