Challenges and Competitions

Shooting my shot

When I read today’s prompt ‘Which brand would you love to represent and work with?’, my brain went on repeating to itself ” It is time to shoot my shot”. ”It is now or never”.

I have always seen myself making a career in writing and what better time to make this dream come true than now. 5 years ago, I moved to Germany for college. I attended a school that was sold to me as an intercultural environment, but to my biggest disappointment this marketing scheme was false. A lot of people on campus including professors who pride themselves of their knowledge of the world had very little knowledge about Africa. To most around me people Africa was a primitive world torn by malnutrition, wars, lack of democracy, you name it.

Did I blame these people for choosing to be ignorant?

Yes, I honestly did.

Did I change my point of view in less than a year?

To some extent yes.

You must be asking yourselves “why such a rapid change of mind?”

These people knew Africa on the news, they had never read a book by an African author or watched a Nollywood film; actually to some I was the first African they ever met. Understanding this I chose to change the Africa they knew, I had to find news outlets that offered the full picture. Yes Africa has it’s own problems but also we have beautiful hardworking artists, writers, scientists, politicians and those are never portrayed in the western media.

Then one winter morning about 6 months ago, one of my friends introduced me to Glam Africa. An African lifestyle magazine by the young Chioma Onwutalobi with a goal to change the narrative associated with Africa. I was inspired by the story behind the creation of the magazine and really admired the content and message of Africa it conveys. I started telling myself this magazine would help me educate some of my friends. Then can see that I am not making up what I tell them about African countries(trust me I always can see doubt in their eyes).

I am not quite sure if they consider themselves ”a brand”, but I applaud their work and I wish that one day I will be able to take part in this revolution and be able to show the world what my continent really looks like.

Source: Kairos Ark

This is actually a prayer to the universe. I believe that words carry the power to create our destiny. May God hear me through this post and make it a reality. Amen

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