Challenges and Competitions

Four social media Accounts that I follow and what I like about them

Today is day 9, well in my case kinda 8 and 9, category is 4 social media accounts I follow and what I like about them. Instagram is a photography company that is specialized in maternity-newborn pictures(Speaking of creating a niche, this is a great example). I admire the art on this page and how creative the photographer gets in order to help you create unforgettable memories of your baby.

Afrobloggers: Twitter

This account revived my love for writing. I am so grateful for its existence. I met so many amazing writers and sources of inspiration.

Angie bee: YouTube

This amazing beauty blogger will teach everything you need to know from to maintain your natural hair and get a glowing, healthy skin. I also like the way she takes time to cater to her followers’ needs and actually takes time to reply to every single comment.

Button Poetry: YouTube

I am a huge fan of spoken word poetry. This is page helps me quench my thirst and be able to learn from other poets. A lot of my work is inspired by work from poets on there.

These are my top 4 current follows.

See you tomorrow

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