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3 things African Content Creators should avoid

Late, late, laaate… aaaahhh.. hopefully, you can accept this late submission.

Okay, let’s get into this. Let me start with the basics. What is a content creator? According to State of Digital Publishing(SODP), “a content creator is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media”. Based on the definition we can say content creators range from Youtubers to Email newsletter creators.

Now that we know who we are talking about time to examine what mistakes African content should avoid.

1. Niche down: I know most of us get into this without having a clear idea of what type of content we will be delivering. But creating a niche from the get-go not only will help grow as you are more focused on something specific but also it will help your audience know what you can offer and know when your content is important to them.

2. Lack of consistency: this one is a personal failure but we are all learning together. Consistency will not only help you gain trust from your audience but also the algorithm loves it. Set goals and try to follow through maybe get a friend or two to keep you accountable for the work.

3. Originality: I do not know how much to stress this one enough. We, African content creators, are blessed with a world full of opportunities but guess what we do not want to explore. It is one thing searching for inspiration but it is something else to copy what you see. Always research about what want to deliver and what can make you stand out in the vast pool. If you are a fashion blogger, understand what your followers need, who your followers are, what kind of fabric, material they like, then if you are creating your inspo use that knowledge instead of copying what you saw in a magazine or somewhere else.

All in content creation is difficult but also easy. Study your audience, understand their needs, work with your fellow content creators. That way you will be able to grow and get vital tips that will definitely not fail you.

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