Challenges and Competitions

What day is it? Shout out day!!

When I woke up this morning and as per usual grabbed my phone first thing, scrolled through Instagram, Twitter and as it is Blogger’s June checked today’s prompt for me to find out that I have to write about 5 Rwandan bloggers. I did not who to write about. There is a lot of amazing work out there, I cannot even rank just my own personal faves. The next stop was Whatsapp, texting a couple of friends for them to share their personal faves at least I can obtain some recurring names, this was a dead-end too just a longer list was obtained.

Blogging is an absolute sport, and it really made me happy to find out that are more and more Rwandan bloggers serving amazing and educative content every day. If you know you are a blogger a big SHOUT OUT TO YOU, we appreciate and value your work.

Today, I bring to you these 5 names, in no particular order, just simply that I resonate more with their work.

Words from wounds: Her use of words always gets to me. There really is something about her poetry that dives into you and makes you relate with the story even it sounded foreign to you at first. Experience the power of words on

ZUBA Unfiltered: When I first read her work I was like Damn! This girl is smart. She has a way of giving out information in such an educative and eye-opening manner. I really like her writing, her work is neat and concise hence a rich easy read for every day. Come learn to unlearn on

Nelson Gashagaza: If you are not open to other people’s opinions, friend this one is not for you. Again if you are the kind to analyze everything from lifestyle to art passing by religion then dinner is served, you will learn and understand so much from him. Prepare to be mind blown on

Mau’s poetry: I am a big fan of rhythms, flowing words all this wrapped in some good romance. Honestly, his poetry is just the dream. Come dream with us on

Lumiere’s life: Found out about Lumiere just a week ago, thanks to #WinterABC2020. Lumiere is just an amazing storyteller, her words carry you, in such a way you feel and resonate with all of them to a deeper level. In my opinion, she really should consider writing books, I promise to read all of them. Check her amazing work on

The list still goes on, there is a lot of amazing work and something for everyone. Just always keep an eye out. I would not leave without inviting you to check out yours truly

See you tomorrow with a new prompt

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