Social media schooled

It is Monday, a new week is here, new opportunities ahead and on a more exciting note more prompts.

Today’s prompt is one I consider an introspection. I think I started experimenting with social media some times around late 2008, the good old hi5 days. It is safe to say I have navigated quite a few platforms. I hated some, left some, stuck with some but the cherry on the cake is that they all taught me a thing or two.

I would say the most valuable thing that social media taught especially and really emphasizing on this year is that the internet never forgets. Dear influencer, remember homophobic comments you ever made at 15, on one of your friend’s Facebook post? Guess what they will resurface next time you get into a fight with someone just a few minutes on their fingertips. Get ready to watch your life crumble in front of your eyes that day.

Not everything you read or see on social media is real. Social media can sell you the dream. Lavish lives, expensive outfits, fake news. Social media can be dangerous as it will give you lies wrapped in truth. Making it difficult to know what to believe, always absorb everything with a grain of salt.

Thank you to Quizlet and Indian guys we owe you our degrees. If you are a STEM student you know that without these alternatives, traditional schools are just impossible, but we can learn anything anywhere and even get done homework corrections with thorough explanations. Thank you Quora, Quizlet and YouTube, you are the real heroes.

Are you a bad cook? That is absolutely fine, there is always someone willing to teach you and you can make them money and fame. So everyone is winning, you will contribute to someone’s growth as you are working on yours. Two birds one stone.

Social media most of the time feels like a big social experiment, you learn, you teach, you are the lesson and all this happening in this vast world called the web. You need to always be careful about how you use your accounts and always remember that someone is always watching.

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