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Why the thoughts book?

Disclaimer: Day 2 of the challenge is posted on Day 3 as yesterday June 2nd was blackout Tuesday and it only felt right to me to take some time and reflect and learn from everything going on.

Does anyone remember Facebook notes? I can say those were blogger debuts around 2011. Back then I honestly did not understand why I wrote half of the things I wrote but again it made me feel good. I was a poetry enthusiast but also never believed I could write. Sometimes my writing voice felt foreign to me but deep down I knew that was the real me.

But as my Facebook friends were my audience it wasn’t always easy to express myself as I wished so I started policing my work, making sure what I wrote was acceptable content for my back then “audience”. We all know that our teen and early adulthood years are very formative for one’s opinions and beliefs, so clearly I had a lot to say, so I resolved to get a journal for my poetry instead of risking the external gaze of my Facebook friends.

In my first year of college I was lucky to participate in a special creative writing program. In that way, I was introduced to blogging and all platforms available; there I was back online but now writing behind a pseudonym that very few of my friends knew who was hiding behind those words.

I started my blog to solely create an archive for my poetry. One post after another I got comfortable and started getting vocal with matters that mattered to me. I learned to separate my creative writing work and my need to write, and here I am. Welcome to the thoughts book.

2 thoughts on “Why the thoughts book?”

  1. Glad to be here!!!
    I remember Facebook notes, good old times which reminds me to go through mine and see if I dont have any gems lost there which I should breathe into life on my blog.

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  2. Okay, the goals of your blog have evolved over time but still its a place where you express yourself and preserve information

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