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Isombe is all it takes

Isombe, pondu, saka saka, cassava leaves soup. Whatever you call it know that I love this flavorful, nutritious, and rich side dish.

Today’s topic is one that is dear to me, anyone who knows me knows I loooove Food(sorry for the o’s). I am always trying to try different recipes left and right but again Isombe goes so well with every single one of them in such mysterious way.

It is funny how it took me forever to realize that I enjoy this side dish. younger I cannot just say I did not like veggies, I was borderline scared of ingesting anything of green color; until one lunchtime I served myself isombe without fighting my parents and ate eat without flinching. I myself was surprised that day.

I like starchy foods but hate sauces, you can tell how difficult and how dry my plate always looked and let’s not talk about indigestion problems. So isombe was simply a gift from above; I had found flavor, nutrients and a way to heal my indigestion in just one side dish. I learnt how to make it work for me and used it to fix any food that I needed to eat but whose taste did not work for me.

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