Whiskey and poetry


When I was born my mother’s tears meant many things

She had tears of mourn because of her dear ones she had lost

Tears of pain because of all the hurt she had gone through

And tears of joy because she believed I am tomorrow’s hope

I grew up in a land of mixed feelings

My mama land cried, lost children

My mama land mourns thousands she lost

My mama land is dancing, it is liberated from atrocities

But above all

My mama land remembers the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, as our history and it shapes who we are today

Back in the days, death was asylum

Prisons home

And refugee camps were all we knew

Today light shines upon Rwanda

The land of a thousand hills is today the land of a thousand smiles

We stand as one people, full of hope and dreams

The youth striving for change

The mistakes made by our elders will not imprison us

Self reliance is our motto

Change our goal

Peace and love our dream

And unity our prayer

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