Whiskey and poetry


Strong woman

She wears her smile as armor

Courage is her driving motto

She is beautiful

She rebuilt herself

She is empowered

She is self-anchored

She fought her battles

She overcame her fears

She is strong

She can face the world again

Yes, she empowered herself

Self-esteem was her battle

She was never heard, but who cares as long as she still had a voice to speak up

She is self-reliant

She is intelligent, but had never exploited her gifts

Today she stands out of the crowd

Today she knows her worth

She knows pain

She understands what you are going through

She knows how hard it is to battle alone when everyone seems against you

Listen; you are not alone

I am with you

Even when it feels like there is none to empower you, know that you don’t need we are standing together in faith

She is self-made

She wears pride every morning

She stands for herself

She is an achiever

Her voice is so powerful for all to listen

She is empowered

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