Whiskey and poetry


This word “LOVE” is powerful

It holds the power to mend broke hearts

Its absence leads to human darkness

Love is all around

Love is all we ask

Love is all we want

How do we define Love

It cannot be caught

It is beyond words

It is beyond depiction

It has no place to be

But all places are filled with love

Loves comes in all forms but friendship is the greatest

It is true and genuine

For friends proclaim your greatness to the world

In shouts of glory, in loving whispers

Friends are always there and love you

A special bond one cannot see

It wraps you up in its cocoon

Moments filled with love

The fear of the unknown but still believing in what you are

We all deserve love but yours is the greatest

Times we spent together was most memorable

Days we live apart were most dreadful

Our relationship was not just the blood we shared

Our fights were most dangerous

But rare is the love we share

Holding us at birth

Watching our first steps and mistakes

They are our quiet place, we are the wild ones

Our parents taught us what really true love was

A million words cannot express their type of love

We love because he first loved us

Every prayer, he heard and answered

His love is above and beyond understanding

For God so loved us, that he offered the greatest sacrifice for us to have eternal life

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