Whiskey and poetry

Overthrowing sexism

She was not just “asking for it” with bodycon mini dress

She is not one to submit

Or to give up when told to quit

She is A LADY

She’s not gonna allow you to touch her ass

She is a lady and has too much class

She will not stand for your catcall

You should be appalled

Because she really can rule it

She is fierce and true

She’s neither higher nor lower she is equal to you

Her body is to be respected

So, pack your things and say adieu

So dear men

You are not emasculated when you are gentle to women

You are not emasculated when you stand up for women rights and support gender equality

You are not less of a man when your lifestyle choices are different from that of your friends

I believe in equal roles of men and women in the society

If you think women are weaker, I fail to comprehend you and I will not waste my time explaining you the basics of how to respect humanity

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