Whiskey and poetry

Wear their skins

Racism, sexism, colorism
discrimination over
Disability,sexuality, religion, creed, class

so many fancy names
so many false excuses
given to justify the need
of the human heart
to hate
Life is a puzzle.
Just like you and me.
We are like tiny pieces,
Together we create a bigger picture.
Our life a symphony,
A melody.
Each and everyone,
Another life, another story.
Black, white, crimson, burgundy,
Different shades of colors,
Lights of different intensities,
Life’s of different meanings.
Some live for others,
Others for themselves;
Some have no clue,
Some just wish all was true.
Days pass like flipping pages,
A book opened and soon to be closed.
But after the story,
Still no one knows.
No one ever truly knows,
Never one found out the answer;
The real meanings,
Behind these beautiful melodies.
So much the same, similar traits,
yet all we see is Difference.

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