Whiskey and poetry

Men like him

Men like him don’t get girls.
They get attracted to girls who are hard to get
Only to realise the kind of patience they demand for… is also hard to get.

Men like him don’t whistle after girls.
And that has nothing to do with the fact that men like him don’t know how to whistle.

Men like him respect a 16 year old girl with the same respect they give a 29 year old.
Men like him write about women, women who are too beautiful to be held by hands of men who don’t like breakfast,
men who find morning a little too early to find their romance,
men who write amazing with an I after a,
men who tell jokes when they are peeing on a wall and laugh at their own jokes when they are still peeing…on the wall,
men with one dance move who won’t stop dancing until they are sweating, because of one dance move,
men who text Merry Xmas! on 1st of December while using dots to create an animal.

Men like him trust does more than they trust their bodies,
They don’t trust how they smell
or how long their bodies can hold a smile.

Men like him pray.

Men like him sing sometimes.

Men like him make clown faces to babies of strangers in a bus.

Men like him have taught their tongues to easily slid out the words thank you and sorry.

Men like him run, chasing the sun.

Men like him know love is not a fairytale, that there is no prince charming in ponds just frogs whose skin will make you sick to the stomach.

Men like him believe that to love,
is to have the courage to be kind.

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