Whiskey and poetry

U Rwanda

U Rwanda

Beautiful Land of a thousand hills

Brave Land that survived

Like a phoenix rose from ashes

When I look at you Rwanda, I can’t help it but start praising

Praising you mamaland,

For raising your voice

Not shouting as it sounds, but letting your actions speak

By your choices a nation was built

The choice to carry on a dream

The choice to let the light within me beam

The choice to carry on and accomplish the dreams of those who walked this path before us

The choice to be courageous & attempt what no one else has ever had the courage to do

The choice to walk through the rockiest of roads in order to leave tracks that will one day be followed

The choice to believe in the power of togetherness

The choice to walk hand in hand even through the darkness

The choice to trust the good in others

And the choice to work heart to heart with others

Because we are a summation, one nation

And never shall we betray our foundation

You make us so proud to be Rwandese

We even carry our flags overseas

We might speak with accents

But don’t be mistaken please

We, are RWANDESE and

Kinyarwanda makes more sense to us

It is true we wear different clothes too

Short dresses and tight jeans…

But WE FEEL at our best

When dressed

In a Mushanana

It’s all true

We can dab, two step and twerk

Coz We’re able

But We dance best

When it’s Amaraba

We are so proud to be Rwandese

That our bodies ache/itch for us to tattoo it, somewhere on our skin

In case you can’t feel it from within

We, are Rwandan

Because of you

We are one people

One nation

One language

One culture

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