Whiskey and poetry

Of all the gin joints, in all towns, in all worlds, he walks into mine.

Forgive and let go

These words keep on resonating in my ears.

But how do I forgive you when you never asked for it

How do I forget when all you do is reminding me

Every step away is like a call to you

Whenever I forget you make a step to remind me

Sometimes I wonder who of us needs to let go

I let go you pull me back

I come you push me back

In many ways, you have shown you cared,

In my life, I let you in

We shared so many feelings,

You knew how to make me happy and yet manage to hurt me more than anyone else

Yet many doubts and fears lie unresolved.

I sit and look back to all the times I used to listen to you saying that you will always be there.

I wiped my tears, I gave myself a happy new start without you.

Someday you will miss me like you always do

But this time you will not find me where you left me waiting for you

Then all your words will deceive you

You will then wonder when we got there

But baby this is where I have always been in your life

Another story, another girl, another fool

Then you will know what it means to lose someone

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