Whiskey and poetry

Today she can dance

I can’t help the tears that always threaten to fall each time I think of you

I know you never did any good to me despite my sacrifices

I learnt how to love you and yes I did love you

I always bleed but physical pain was never enough to draw me away from you

Every morning I used to think about yesterday night and just regret my choices

And ask myself why my dance is this sad
Today I am dancing, Yes I am

I am rejoicing for leaving you behind despite my heart that drew me back to you

I learnt how to let go

I learnt that no man deserves the pain

I learnt that outside these four walls I call home there is a life

A life in which I can dance every day


You robbed my life

Yes, you did

Stop acting innocent to the world

Your bright smile doesn’t fool anyone anymore

Today everyone sees clearly in your game

And yes, I am dancing to your unveiled mask


Today I can be myself

Life gave me another chance

Another dance with another person

Another day to sing

Thank God for letting me leave

I pray you pay for your deeds

I pray it hurts as much as your kicks

But I also pray that you get another dance at the end of it all.

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