Whiskey and poetry


Stranger that’s who you are to me

We are yet so close but you are still a stranger to me

Memories of long night talks, laughter and joy is all I am left with

The thought of you hunts me down I don’t know how to erase these memories
I fell in love with a stranger; that doesn’t sound bad

But stranger you are the one that lured me into this

Your touch, your kiss, your breath nothing felt wrong

Your words, your smile made me get off guard
Today I am destroyed

You passage into my life was like a wind that blew away everything I had

I let go everything for you stranger

But as a stranger you were no longer here
Stranger you left with a big part of me missing

You left me helpless that I didn’t have any force to pull up myself

You left me weak that I am scared of myself

You left me with unanswered questions
Do you sleep at night?

Do you have flashbacks of us?

I know I am just fool to ask about this but I wanted to ask

I pray every night that I could again meet the stranger

If I could rewind I would not let get myself fooled

I am not strong anymore to hold on this but stranger you are my best memory

You are all I ever wanted but faded away so soon

This the time when emotions defeat me but I still have one more question to ask ?

Was any of your words real ?

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