Whiskey and poetry

No more

Another morning

Another day with tears blurring my vision

Yesterday you hit me again but this time you hit me hard 

White walls is all I can see where am I? Oh! emergency room

You hit me again as you always do every night

The pain you caused has now became a lifestyle

No more tears to roll down my cheeks

Today I am walking out these four walls I called home


Every morning you wear that fooling smile

A kiss upon my cheek as you are about to leave

No one knows the devil inside you

Every day I pray that you never come back

As the night is calm you walk in again

Oh! Lord Father, do you hear my prayers?

With no more tears to roll down my cheeks, I cry to God

Today I will stand up for myself


Every morning I hold my head down

Ashamed of my choices

But why am I ashamed?

Did I break any of my vows? But you never held any

I stand in the vows I made to you

Every day I grow weaker

I am tired

No more strength to hold them down

No more reasons to remind of them

Today I won’t stand by you


Every morning I am a submitted servant

I wave goodbye to you with “LOVE ”

I do not even know how to call it? Is it love? Is it fear?

My heart grows bitter everyday

I will not tolerate it anymore

Today I will let the world know the wolf you are

With no more remorse

I am walking out of your life

I deserve the best and you are not even good enough

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