Rants and Trumpets

Call it by it’s name 

As I was reading through a women magazine earlier today I found out how unaware of our bodies we girls are and even some grown women.

I started questioning myself about this lack of awareness which is still prevalent even in the 21st century. I found that we still do not know who we are truly because we have always made ourselves first under men and second our body are taboo subject.

Throughout history of the world some women step out and did great things but still at the end of the day the efforts of their work was praised in some kind of manly way. Like in the Rwandan society me as girl if I come home with a great achievement whether academic or anything everyone will be like “Yego sha,  uri umugabo.” Meaning you are a man as if women can’t do anything great. We still have books that push people to “act like women but think like men” why? Are women thoughts not good enough, why can’t I think like a woman? We live in the era where we believe in gender equality but still act like it has never been there. We still we women consider ourselves inferior to men in some ways, we still don’t set our bars that high because even any small achievement will be praised but I think today things have to change. We are no longer the helpless women we used to be we are strong and know our worth and stop comparing ourselves to our brothers rather see them as equals with whom we can compete without needing any form of pity. I believe I act like a woman and think like one and I know this does not make me any weak.

But why have we always focused on women weaknesses? I think this comes to our bodies. Yes physically in some kind of ways we were created differently from men. This created some kind of inequality in societies though I think God did this to make balanced society. But due to our physical built girls grew up to be ashamed of who they are. You are taught how to speak, to walk be lady like. You cannot be open about your sexuality and your body parts but boys can. This even ended up in making men to treat women bodies like trash since we do not really claim it. Men went on and even started giving names to some of body parts boobs,bums, pussy why all those names? Let’s call a vagina what is this will make men even to respect us even more. When that guy who always slides in your DM at midnight saying he wants your pussy, if he’d call it a vagina it would come to his mind that he came out of one. We are ashamed of our bodies that even ourseves go on and start calling our body parts all these words which to me are disrespectful and wrong to use. I choose to accept what I am worth, my curves, my breast, my vagina. I know these are what makes a woman and hence who I am I will not deny it nor be ashamed it to say it to you.

Sometimes the truth needs to be spoken out this is the truth of who women trully are, what makes us women and also our pride. Let’s not be ashamed and embrace our womanhood, beautifully created by God to make the world a better place to live in.

4 thoughts on “Call it by it’s name ”

  1. So you’re saying what makes you a woman is “your curves, your breast, your vagina”? These are the kind of statements that just makes men underestimate you.. there is more to a woman than her body, -just saying


      1. Yeah i get it, but as the title suggests it, it’s about calling the parts by their name, but guy’s parts do also have nicknames (junk, dick, cock)…


      2. I just don’t mean just body parts in the title but also the disrespect women go through and sometines we call it inequality or trying to create equality. For example in some countries a girl student would get a certain percentage which is lower than her brother but get better opportunities just because she is female but in some kind of ways this infers that women are not able to achieve as big as men which totally not gender equality


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