Whiskey and poetry

All that she is

Running away from whom I am

Running away from my Love

I made to change the way I look at her

I have to chase away these feelings

I have to learn to be whom they want me to be

This is my expected personality
if society shapes us

I am a societal failure

I am not everybody

I do not like being like everyone

Society! I am unique, accept it

But no, you do not understand, you do not listen
I walk into my father’s house and once more another man is introduced to me

I do not need anyone, but who cares about what I need

I do not like what you want me to become

I am sorry, but I will not be the daughter who will get dowry to my family

I am not whom you expect me to be

I am just out of the ordinary
Difference is unacceptable

Conformity is my societies motto

There are no laws to punish love

But you are punishing me

Yes, I love girls

But I guess I will have to abide by the rules and change whom I am
Another man introduced to me

I will have to conform

I will love him, bear his children

I will get my family the dowry they ever wanted

I will keep my head down

And change who I have ever been
No more personality

No more me

No more confrontation

Today I am the ordinary girl

I am another art of work of the society

Another warrior that lost her personality

Today all I have on my mind is my robbed personality

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